The Ibero-American Symposium on Reproductive Ecology, Recruitment and Fisheries (SIBECORP) arose in response to the concern of Ibero-American researchers to promote cooperation between countries on both sides of the Atlantic, given that fishing is a vital economic resource in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Many Ibero-American research groups are working in the field of fisheries ecology, with the last aim of producing knowledge that allows for the sustainable exploitation of resources, recognising that, both for industrial fishing and for artisanal marine or fresh water fleets that exploit stocks that have been little or not investigated to date, long-term sustainability has, as its basic pillar, the preservation of reproductive potential and recruitment.

In addition, this Symposium aims to be a forum for communication between the Ibero-American countries, allowing the identification and definition of lines of research of common interest, as well as promoting the implementation of projects that foster cooperation and the exchange of knowledge between different countries. It is also a platform for the international promotion of quality fisheries research carried out by various groups throughout Ibero-America. For this reason, SIBECORP is one of the main activities of the INVIPESCA Network.

The Symposium is held every thee years and four editions have been held to date: Vigo, Spain (2009), Mar del Plata, Argentina (2012), Porto de Galinhas, Brazil (2015), and Iquique, Chile (2018) and Santa Marta, Colombia, in 2021.

All editions deal with topics closely related to reproductive strategies and ecophysiology, reproductive potential, their causes of variation and influence on recruitment processes, and how these affect stock assessment and fisheries management. Traditionally, the symposium has been divided into four thematic sessions:

  1. Reproductive strategies of aquatic organisms. Reproductive ecophysiology
  2. Reproductive potential and causes of its variation
  3. Recruitment processes
  4. Utility of studies on reproductive biology in fisheries assessment and management

In addition, in each edition a monographic workshop was held: Reproduction and fisheries of the genus Merluccius (SIBECORP I); Identification and definition of lines of interest for the assessment of fisheries (SIBECORP II); Mugilidae (SIBECORP III), and Life history, stock assessment and alternative indexes in small pelagics (SIBECORP IV), and Small-scale fishery and woman and medium-scale fishing and ecosystem approach (SIBECORP V).

A total of 526 papers were presented with the participation of researchers from twelve countries.

For the main results of each event, please click on the following links:

Sibecorp I. Proceedings extended and revised by the editors

Sibecorp I. Monograph in Marine Sciences of the most relevant presentations

Sibecorp II. Book of abstracts

Sibecorp II. Monographic in Fisheries Research of the most relevant presentations

Sibecorp III. Book of abstracts

Sibecorp IV. Book of abstracts

Sibecorp V. Book of abstracts

The organizing committees of the different editions of SIBECORP were composed of:

Member Membership Sibecorp
Dr. Fran Saborido-Rey Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas-España I, II, III, IV
Dr. Gustavo Javier Macchi Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo
Dr. Paulo de Tarso Chaves Universidade Federal do Paraná-Brasil I, II, III, IV
Dr. Hilario Murua AZTI Tecnalia- España I, II
Dr. Ángel Perea Instituto del Mar del Perú-Perú I, II
Dra. Rosario Dominguez Petit Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas-España I, III, IV
Dr. Alberto González Garcés Instituto Español de Oceanografía-España I
Mercedes Martínez Centro Tecnológico del Mar-España I, IV
Dr. Gabriel Claramunt Universidad Arturo Prat-Chile II, III, IV
Dra. Rosângela Paula Teixeira Lessa Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco-Brasil III
Carola Hernández Santoro Instituto de Fomento Pesquero de Chile IV
Martha Alicia Perera Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco-México V
Diana Bustos Montes Universidad Nacional de Colombia V
Daniel Pérez Cerro Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano-Colombia V
Arturo Acero Pizarro Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano,-Colombia V