The general aim of the INVIPESCA Network is to promote and improve communication and the exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of research on fishery resources and their link with ecosystems, in order to achieve management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of fishing activities in Ibero-American countries. Specific aims:
  • To update and increase the level of knowledge in fisheries research for a sustainable exploitation of resources.
  • To reinforce, promote and develop high-level fisheries research of relevance and interest for institutions and researchers in Ibero-America.
  • To disseminate and spread those research works and results that are considered of interest for fisheries management.
  • To increase the capacity for fisheries research in Ibero-America.
  • To facilitate communication and the exchange of experiences between Ibero-American research groups working in similar areas of knowledge.
  • To promote the development of joint projects and activities between Ibero-American fisheries institutions and researchers.
  • To increase the level of international presence and influence of Ibero-American institutions and researchers in the competent fora on research, assessment and sustainable management of fishery resources.