Throughout the Ibero-American Symposiums on Reproductive Ecology, Recruitment and Fisheries (SIBECORP) carried out, more than 500 research papers have been presented that allow advances in knowledge about ecology, fisheries management, reproduction and recruitment of marine species of maximum interest. , consolidating SIBECORP as one of the largest Ibero-American communication forums for fisheries research and management.

Here are collected the most relevant articles presented in the different editions of SIBECORP, and the recent publication of the book “Reproductive Ecology and Fisheries in the Ibero-American Context”.

To access the publications you can do so through the following links:


Sibecorp I. Proceedings extended and revised by the editors

Sibecorp I. Monograph in Marine Sciences of the most relevant presentations

Sibecorp II. Book of abstracts

Sibecorp II. Monographic in Fisheries Research of the most relevant presentations

Sibecorp III. Book of abstracts

Sibecorp IV. Book of abstracts

Sibecorp V. Book of abstracts

Ecología Reproductiva y Pesquerías en el Contexto Iberoamericano. Spanish version.

Ecologia Reprodutiva e Pescarías no Contexto Ibero-Americano. Portuguese version.

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